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Tile & stone flooring has a rich history that spans centuries. Even as trends grow and fade, it has remained a favorite choice for flooring. It’s classy, stylish and unique – a few of the things that define the world-renowned flair of New Orleans. Even better, it has benefited from many of the innovations driven by the flooring industry. So, it makes sense to take a fresh look at a classical favorite.

Tile & Stone Styles

Tile & stone has always achieved unique styles and patternsĀ  that that eloquently reflect the beauty of nature. But now, those beautiful, natural aesthetics can be enhanced even further through modern design processes. We’re now seeing more colors, tones and patterns than have ever been available before. This has prompted many homeowners to get creative with the variety of tile options available, thus adding their own personal touch.

Wood Look Applications

Tile & stone can now be designed to closely replicate the look of hardwood flooring. This offers a great choice in areas (such as outdoor patios and even walkways) where the aesthetics of hardwood flooring fit nicely but the panels themselves wouldn’t last. Many modern tile selections reflect the aesthetics of hardwood flooring in a package more suitable for the elements.

Larger Tiles

We’ve also noticed that tile sizes are growing. What was once a popular choice in inches is now showing in feet. This makes sense as newer designs can include more intricate, detailed designs even on larger tile.

Of course, large doesn’t always mean thick. As engineering processes improve, we’re seeing more durability with thinner tiles. This is especially true with porcelain flooring, with many selections that continue to outperform ceramic tile. As a result, more area doesn’t necessarily mean substantially necessitate more materials. So, the cost can be kept lower than if traditional thickness levels were used. Needless to say, the thin slab segment of tile & stone is currently small but growing quickly.


Tile & stone isn’t just for floors: a variety of selections also make great accents! These can be used to make a certain element (such as a fireplace or back splash), pop out with added flair. You can also enhance your room’s style by complimenting or even contrasting your accents with your floors (the foundation of your room’s design).


This may come as a surprise, but many tile & stone flooring selections are now manufactured with environmentally-friendly processes. For example, many plants now use leftovers from the manufacturing of previous flooring to build new, quality tiles. Additionally, so manufacturers are even implementing recycled glass in their newer products.

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