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Style, versatility, affordability – it’s easy to see why laminate flooring is becoming such a popular choice. This is especially true for the unique culture and environment of New Orleans. After all, laminate is available in a variety of wood and stone looks and offers more versatility than its natural counterparts. We’ll cover a few of its benefits here.

It’s As Unique As We Are

New Orleans is world-renowned for its unique culture and style. Laminate flooring offers enough design choices to fit any style. This includes stone-look and wood-look selections, each of which match the look and even texture of their natural counterparts perfectly. Even better, you’ll find more color options with laminate. You’ll even find varying levels of gloss and matte finishes. Check our Sierra Madre and Mount Oglethorpe flooring lines for exceptional examples of each.

REPEL Water-Resist Technology

Pigeon Mountain water repel laminate flooring

Between our humidity and watersports, floors in southern Louisiana see their fair share of moisture. While the look of hardwood flooring matches our Victorian style perfectly, its composition doesn’t hold up as well to the environmental challenges.

However, laminate flooring featuring the innovative REPEL water resist technology is designed to prevent absorption and damage. This treatment protects laminate floors from the expansion that leads to so many problems with hardwood flooring in our environment.


When combined with an aluminum oxide finish, the melamine wear layer offer superb resistance to scrapes, scratches and stains. In the long run, it helps prevent damage from regular use and even denting.

Improved Air Quality

Early in its history, laminate flooring was known for releasing harmful emissions into the air. Modern selections featuring the GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification are guaranteed to keep emissions minimal. This certification covers the flooring during both installation and cleaning.

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