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Carpet has come a long way in recent years. It’s now designed to offer more styles, exceptional performance, and fulfill specialized applications. So, it’s no surprise that carpet is making a 2020 comeback. Here, we’ll explore the carpet styles and features set to take the new decade by storm.


Desired carpet featuring artisan patterns

Carpet patterns have been popular for some time. We are seeing this trend continue as more pattern options become available. Artisan patterns are especially popular right now, taking inspiration from popular minimalist designs. These patterns typically feature earth tones and textures. Our PATTERN Destination includes artisan styles designed to fit traditional and contemporary styles.

Geometric patterns are also gaining popularity. This seems to stem from a larger trend that favors retro styles. For example, the looks of classic encaustic tiles are making a comeback in kitchens in bathrooms. Our PATTERN Destination also features carpet reflecting these classic looks.

Setting the Foundation for a Bold Style

Blue Twist Tonal carpet in a living room with white furniture

Flooring sets the foundation for a room’s style, and we’re beginning to see bold designs trend in home fashions. So, it’s only natural that bold colors are trending. This trend moves us away from the traditional white, tan, and gray scale carpets, making way for a greater color palette. By choosing even colors, you can better select decor that compliments or contrasts for more stunning looks. Our COLOR Destination features carpet lines that offer a variety of bold color options.

Carpet Textures

Hot off of the Press brown textured carpet

What better way to improve your carpet’s style than by giving it some depth? Textures add carpet patterns that you can feel. They often emphasize prominent designs in geometric shapes. However, they are also used to emphasis floral patterns.

Kid and Pet Friendly Carpet

Dext pet friendly carpet in a living room

The latest carpet trends consider more than just aesthetics.

Homeowners continue to expect more from their flooring, and for good reason. These days, we just don’t have time to drop everything and clean a spill before it soaks through. And with newer innovations in carpet, there is no need to. More lines of carpet now feature a completely waterproof design. Not only that, but newer treatments like R2X allow carpet fibers to completely repel stains. So, spills remain above the carpet’s surface where they can be easily removed now or later.

Carpet Fibers

Toile pet friendly carpet in a living room

Nylon continues to outperform all other carpet fibers. This has it trending even among manufacturers, who are offer their own spin on the fabric. Anso Nylon and Stainmaster are both industry-leading enhancements of nylon fibers.

Unfortunately, nylon isn’t a friendly option for all budgets. Polyester is another carpet fabric that is gaining popularity for its affordability. It still performs well in areas like stain resistance and texture retention. It also naturally resists fading and comes in a variety of styles. If nylon is outside of your budget, polyester just might be the next best thing.

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Ultimately, there’s more than good looks involved when considering the right flooring for your home. If you’re ready to make the right choice, visit Gretna’s leading flooring experts at Robert’s Flooring today!