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New Orleans has always been known for its unique approach to style, and our flooring is no exception. That’s why we’re beginning to see a growing trend towards Variegated Hardwood Flooring in the Big Easy. It takes a timeless classic, adds a unique spin and revitalizes the space’s style. But what is variegated hardwood flooring, and how is it used effectively? We’ll take a quick look here.

Unique Designs

Variegated wood floor designs break away from the status quo while still keeping some design principles in mind. Designers have more creativity both in choosing their flooring and the decor to compliment it. By giving the foundation a little more variety, the furniture and decor can use more colors to set the room’s tone.

How is Variegated Implemented?

The process is simple: intentionally choose hardwood panels with varying designs and color. You don’t even have to choose the same hardwood species. For even more variation, consider using a variety of distressed panels.

Complete Chaos? Not Quite

There are still a few conventional design tips to implementing variegated. A top consideration: maintain consistent finishes. For example, you wouldn’t want to blend matte and glossy hardwood finishes together. Also, the surrounding decor should compliment your floor’s tones. This actually presents an opportunity: furniture and decor featuring a multi-toned design tend to better compliment variegated hardwood flooring.

And, of course, the technical side of things still apply. Panels need similar measurements and installation techniques before final decisions are made. The specs can vary wildly among different flooring lines. However, many of the hardwood flooring lines we offer come in a variety of styles and colors. So, you can achieve the variegated aesthetic with a single line of flooring.

Our Variegated Wood Flooring Options

Our lineup includes a few variegated wood flooring options. However, not all of them are hardwood floors; a few LVT and stone options incorporate the wood aesthetic into a package that’s much more suitable for the hot, humid environment New Orleans is known for. Here they are:

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